Sunday, October 30, 2011

Being a Student of My Dear University :))

   Being a student of a metu can not described. Being a student of a metu is a dream of every young in our country. And it was my dream, too. My dreams come true and i am here, in Middle East Technical University. I studied LYS YGS exam and i passed exam succesfully. My results were good. My point was enough to come my dear university J I made my choice and i came here.

  At the beginnig of my university years, i was very sad because i had left my dearest mother and my family. Sometimes i cried all night and i missed my family and my friend very very much. But later i started to be in love with my school. I started to get more and more friends and to acquinted with  school environment. I found freedom in my school. Students were doing whatever they want. Every opportunity was under their feet.

  And now i am Metu student too. I can use every possiblity. There are groups that can we join very easily. I love there very much. And in our campus everyone says ‘HOCAM’ to each other. This means that everyone can learn something from someone. When i first heard this, i said ‘Come on! I am not Hoca!’. J Everyone laughed at me. It was funny.

  Our University’s atmosphere is also amazing. Everywhere is green in summer and everywhere is yellow in autumn. We can study our lesson on the grass. We can have a picnic on the grass also. In addition to these, we have huge stadium. Its name is ‘DEVRIM’. In summer, there are concerts, activities that everyone can participate in them. If someone wants to walk , he or she can go and walk. And it is nice place to go and meet with my friends. . And we have CARSI. There are markets and shops in it. And there is also game salon. I can go and play billiards.  And there is table football in here. I love it vey much.

  As a result, however i try to describe being a student of my university, it does not work. Because it does not be described but it can be lived J But if i have to brief it in a couple of word, it was worth my all efforts to come here. I like my university very much and i will love it always :P J
                          Mualla ACAR


  1. Dear Mualla

    I read your essay and i really liked it.I think as you said to me,you are also fall in love with Metu=DD.In spite of your troubles which you lived at outset,you managed to adjust to this university and it seems to me that you like it any more so much.First of all, you said,Metu has a very good beauty.Yes,this is right according to me.Metu,with its forest,offers us a very fresh atmosphere.As a student here,we don't want to leave it really.I haven't had any picnic as you said yet,but it can be really enjoying in fact,you are right=).Secondly,you said that being a Metu student can not be described but can be lived just.Maybe,this is an insult for students who descibed it in our class and for students who gave so much effort for it,but i think also like you.Yes,I think it can not be described but just can be lived.So;finally,i liked your writing so much.It is a good job,too.=))See you later.

    Your brother Burcu(Nisa)=D

  2. My dear mum mualla:D Fortunately your dreams came true and we are together:) I am happy to hear coming true of your dreams. As you said although we had adaptation problem at the beginning of last year we are happy in Metu now:) I like thought of you very much "living in Metu is not told but lived:D" it is really true. Metu and its Çarşı, Devrim and others are really wonderfull. Mualla, you expressed beauty of Metu exactly. Morever as you said about "hocam" I was surprised,too when I primarily heard it. I realized that we learned many different things in Metu when I read your writing. I certainly agree with you at this point which is "Metu is a free place" we can do whatever we want unless we break rules of it. Consequently, mualla as you said we can not tell Metu with words and I have also realized that many Metu students who did not initially want to come to Metu, like Metu very much after they came to Metu. However you are not one of them according to your writing. I love Metu thanks to you, my other friends and beauty of Metu. Mualla, I hope we will live very beautifull days in Metu:D sevilay:)